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sarah b.

That is such a cute baby set! I love it! Good luck with the snap vs buttons decision. My initial thought is that snaps might be easier to get it on and off of the little one but I don't yet have a little one, so what do I know? :-)


So are you going to be around next Thursday? i was thinking about a little get together...


Golly that is cute. It looks like hard work too - how did you learn to knit?


Very cute! I kinda like the idea of snaps, but I have no idea how much work it is to "pound in snaps," so feel free to ignore my suggestion. You've been so busy, work definitely takes up too much time. Now does "sleepy" have quiet songs to help you get to sleep, or fast songs to keep you awake?


That is an adorable little baby outfit! Snaps sound cute to me too.


how was the wedding? I want a full report.. and cheese curds!

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