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sarah b.

Funny, I just wrote a post very similar to this in many ways, minus the new underwear. Maybe I need to go shopping!


#1) New underwear is always fun.
#2) Sorry to hear you are sad about something...whatever that may be :/


if you wish to share your address with a perfect stranger and fellow michigander, i would like to send you a cheer-up package*

and....sorry about the sadness, i'm a little sad about unmentionable things too. sometimes it's just too much trouble to bring things up and then have to keep explaining or following up on them.

and who hasn't bought underwear when it's laundry time? before I had my pride and joy washer and dryer...I'd do it all the time. you can never have too much underwear.

*i know that material objects can only go so far, but I really, really like making packages, so it makes me feel better too!


I hate when I'm trying to sleep and my head won't shut up. I just tried some hipster undies and I LOVE them. Makes me feel all cute :)


new underwear is almost always a necessity. It wears out so fast! I definitely have some holey pairs. :)

I'm sorry you're sad ... hope you feel better soon. and if you ever DO feel like talking, I'm here for you.

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