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Just Maybe San fransico isn't a great place for a midwestern girl to meet a straight guy.

Wisconsin - Maybe

San fransico - Probably not

people are swiming in michigan (just thought you should know)


I also love love LOVE thunderstorms. After weeks of them being forcast (always "tomorrow" though), we've finally been getting some. Mmm, fried cheese curds. I like pretty much antyhing that has the words fried and cheese in it :)


The episode of SATC where Ron Livingston tells Miranda "He's just not that into you" is one of the few I have seen. It was hilarious though.


I sorely miss the boringness of the San Francisco weather - certainly 100F heat and interminable thunders storms are something I would *happyily* change for fog rolling through the gate...


We've had thunder all day today in Las Vegas. I'll trade you our sissy German Shepherd and a thunderstorm for a day of watching the fog roll in through the city from the top of 24th St. (where I used to live).

And hey, San Francisco has a summer. What about October? ;)

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