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I definitely think pistachio is a wise choice - retro, but not wide-collar retro, like avocado.

I received a white kitchenaid as a gift, and then immediately saw them in pink. i pined for the pink, but never got around to exchanging.


I have a white one, and it's my favorite kitchen appliance. I like it because it'll cheerfully hum along working by itself, while I'm off drinking beer and stuff.


A kitchen aid mixer is one of those things that I just cannot justify the expense of, no matter how many times I drool over it in the store. We have a crappy hand mixer, and I guess it's good enough, for all the more I use it. If I got one, I think that I would be seriously tempted to paint flames on it, like Alton Brown on Good Eats.

But, between the kitchen aid and those Hot Tamale socks? It's official, I'm a teeny bit jealous of you.


You are a troublemaker! I spent quite some time convincing Meredith that she didn't need a kitchen aid and, even if we did, that we couldn't fit it in our kitchen. Now, here you come with your Pistachio wonder and your smaller kitchen and I can only guess what kind of haranguing I'm going to get.


Editors note: um, yeah, I still don't know where I'm going to put the thing. I'll work out the logistics later, right now I'm enjoying the shoppers high. I still don't know why you have such a dis-like against the mixers and why you won't let Mer get one. You let her get a cat, but not a mixer? Now you use the arguement that you don't need one b/c she can always borrow mine. :P


That said, I am looking forward to my increased consumption of baked goods resulting from your purchase.


I got a white kitchen aid mixer for a wedding gift from my favorite aunt and uncle some 22 years ago. Marriage long over but mixer still going strong!


Oooh! I want a Kitchen Aid mixer sooo bad. I loved the pistachio...till I saw the baby blue and pink ones at Williams Sonoma. Too frickin cute. I NEED one.

And apparently I dont watch Good Eats enough...i didnt know Alton had flames on his. That guy cracks me up.


I heart KitchenAid mixers. And I don't cook.


Congratulations on your KitchenAid baby! I put off buying one for the longest time thinking it was something I'd get when I got married. Finally I decided to heck with it and bought one, and I totally love it! It's plain white, though at times I've wanted just about every color they've offered. The pistachio is dreamy; good choice.

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